Hallelujah, the Milan-based digital startup specializing in Data Driven Ideas, after the brand projects acquisitions such as Vorwerk Folletto, Thun and Enegan (and more that soon to be announced), known that it has already reached, by the end of April, the break even for the year 2016. Therefore, Hallelujah opens the second stage of recruiting.
“We are amazed by how things are going because the project is visionary and rooted in evidence of which we have exceeded every day. We are very pleased with the results that reflect the business plan we agreed with our lenders (Unicredit and Deutsche Bank),” affirmed Valerio Franco, Chief Innovation Officer of Hallelujah.
“It is confirmed that our approach is recognized as customer’s value added, so the talents who will involve in the start-up project could be selected with obsessive attention. This is why we are beginning the second phase of the Digital Unicorns selection, the persons with cross-media talent and an insane passion for technology, communication and data analysis.”
The priority in the selection focuses on four professionals: Technical Delivery Manager, Social Media Strategist, Social Media Manager and Babiloo Sales Manager. Babiloo is the product of digital intelligence developed by Hallelujah in collaboration with Delta Askii to monitor brands’ digital ecosystems, social channels, websites and brands’ apps, to extract strategic insight of communication.
First published on Engage, YouMark, Pubblicità Italia on 11 May 2016