Hallelujah, the digital agency will be responsible for the look & feel revision of Energia per Bene blog and conceive an ad hoc editorial plan. All of this will be supported by an SEO campaign
Enegan the energy company and Hallelujah the digital agency just have been the partnership for the release of the Energia per Bene blog – born with the aim to spread the contents in sustainable development and the alternative green energy, as well as to support and pursue the Enegan’s vision in ethical and social – including the graphic restyling and content development in data-driven perspective.
Hallelujah will be responsible for the blog’s look & feel revision, with the attention of user experience.
In addition, Hallelujah will conceive an ad hoc editorial plan based on consumers’ needs and sensibility. All will be supported by an SEO campaign, including content indexing along with the search&screen of the most searched topic.
In the second phase of project, each editorial content will be monitored through the analytics study to develop better-performing contents and generating destination lead to the brand


“The Energia per bene is an exciting project because it brings together our two souls: the creative, which is the content production, and the analytic, the Data-Driven attitude” stated Valerio Franco, chief innovation officer of Hallelujah.”


“Energia per bene is an ambitious challenge for Enegan – concludes Morad Giacomelli, head of marketing and communication of Enegan, – with this project we want to affirm that a company like us, the energy, can create knowledge, culture, and sensibility.”
First published on Engage on 13 Apr 2016